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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  October 8, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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hear what allison has to say. >> sunshine throughout the afternoon and temperatures in the mid-70s and cooler out there right now. and 55 degrees, fredericks, 46; winchester, 54 and fredericksburg, 48 degrees. a cool start today, might be for another hour or so. and we should start a gradual warm-up as mentioned. high temperatures into the mid- 70s and a lot of sunshine in the forecast. there is your true view radar. you can see the cloud cover extends across nowhere new england and that is it. here in the washington area, mid-atlantic and towards atlanta and west to chicago, the beginning of high pressure is building in and that is spelling plenty of sunshine today and tomorrow. easy forecast, a mild afternoon, high temperature
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about 76 degrees and out of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. and did you. new this morning, the suspect turned herself in to police. our cameras were there as the 30-year-old walked into the second district police station in northwest about four hours ago. they believe she was hit -- she hit and killed 24-year-old ryan as she tried to get into a car on connecticut avenue northwest yesterday morning. the police later found davidson behind the wheel of her damaged car in the parking lot of her condo complex in friendship heights and she is expected to be arraigned today. police on the scene this morning of the suspicious death in virginia. a man was found dead inside his home and his suv missing. >> this happened in fairfax station and now, investigators suspect foul play. sherri ly is live at the home with the latest on our top
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story. >> reporter: the police have not found that man's suv and it diappeared after he was killed. you can see that the police are still standing guard at the entrance to the house and another police officer is at the driveway and all morning long, we have seen officers coming and going with no word on arrests or possible suspects. the neighbor said a woman came home before 4:00 yesterday afternoon finding her 61-year- old husband dead and police said he had trauma to the body. the man's suv was gone. the police suspect foul play and are not disclosing a motive. a neighbor said that someone else was at the home and there may have been a disagreement and it's unclear if the person is linked to the death. 30 minutes before the body's discovery, a school bus dropped
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children off in front of the house and everything appeared normal. >> my wife went to pick up the kids and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary and apparently at the same time it happened, we have not had anything like this happen in the area. that is frightening. >> reporter: and police are focused on finding the missing suv, described as a gold 2002 lickus 470 suv, similar to the one you that see here and the license plate is a virginia plate xyw 8197. if you see it, you're being asked to call police and they're saying do not approach it. we're told the couple lived in this home for three or four years. and a neighbor described them as a very nice couple who was seen walking their dog a lot in the neighborhood and neighbors did find that dog running around in the area last night and police are still a waiting the results of an autopsy to
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determine the cause of death and that is the latest here. back to you. >> thank you. meantime, we're learning about a woman killed in a fairfax county restaurant wednesday night. police say the victim was from falls church. investigators say a man she used to date stabbed her inside the bar in springfield and tell us the suspect tried to stab himself. and he is recovering from his wounds and faces murder charges. the sheriff's officed he was recently released from jail after serving a partial simple assault sentence. new documents in the slaying of a teacher point to multiple systemic security failures and documents released -- lead to the death of 65-year- old hanna wheeling. she was found dead in february outside of her cottage at the cheltenham youth facility. the 13-year-old boy is charged
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with her murder. >> and police there need your help identifying this woman. she's the victim in the unsolved woman. the murder was -- woman was found three years ago under a temporary building in oxen hill. police say she was a biracial woman, 26 or 27 years old. stands 5'5" tall and if you have any information, you're asked to give police a call. no cadets cheated on tests and that is the word from the police chief and he since graduated since july of last year and said about 30 of them are facing allegations of cheating. >> and students of 115 know officers did not cheat and we going to continue to audit and we have actually -- the group has done a tremendous job in a short amount of time and i am
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very confident we have done a diligent job and -- in identifying any irregularities. glenn ivy said the allegations alone will end up complicating court cases that the officers are involved with. we have a followup to report on a case of dozens of animals seized from a west virginia farm. the operator of a horse rescue facility was charged on thursday with mix counts of animal history and court records show the animals were found with little or nothing to eat or drink. the new unemployment numbers for september are in and show the economy lost 95,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate did not go up. it's still 9.6% and this is the last report.
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doug luzader has more from capitol hill. >> they said no, you can't what do you say? we said yes, we can. >> reporter: obama supporters at the chicago fund raiser can remember the slogan from 2008. the president could not ignore the 2010 economic reality. >> of course people are frustrated of course people are impatient. i'm impatient and the other side decided we're going to try to ride the anger, the frustration to the ballot box. >> reporter: with the unemployment rate at 9.6%, the ballot box may hand republicans control of congress. the private sector created jobs, about 64,000. the economy also shed jobs and man were temporary census workers. long unemployment lines are causing democrats to question the country's direction and if that stifles turnout, it will amplify democratic losses. >> because right now, the
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democratic coalition does not agree. they don't agree on obama's agenda and don't agree that his programs have worked and are generally unhappy mainly because of the economy. >> the white house message is that the president gets it. he understands the economy has a long way to go and today's numbers may make that message even harder to sell. >> we look back, who is it? it's the republicans and they say won't the keys back and we have to tell them you can't have the keys back. because you don't know how to drive. >> that is brama praising -- president obama praising maryland mayor o'malley and told democrats to keep him in office and went on to say that o'malley has made big investments in education during tough times and mr. obama urged the crowd to head to the polls. three dozen people were
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treated for dehydration and some complained of dizziness and fainting spells. the temperatures, yesterday, of course, were in the 70s and ralliers were standing shoulder- to-shoulder in the sun. officials say no one was seriously ill and most of the people treated were senior citizens. >> the key to our winning is here and -- >> in montgomery county. >> o'malley's opponent spent the day stumping for votes in our area and across maryland. the former governor and his running mate attended the montgomery county women for ehrlich event in potomac and stopped by an event on early care and education in gaithersburg. o'malley and ehrlich will face off in their first debate on monday in baltimore. the university of michigan science professor whose students hacked into a d.c. online voting system will testify before the city council in a public oversight hearing today. win 36 hours of given the go ahead, the professor and his team of students were able to infiltrate the d.c. internet
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voting system. it was created by the d.c. board of elections and ethics to allow overseas and deployed military personnel to cast their ballots on the web using a pdf file and dangerous security flaws have been exposed. >> these guys got in to this system through the test, which i applaud the district of columbia for doing a test like this. they got inside the system inside of 36 hours and if they can do yet from ann arbor and don't have to be here to do it, they can do it from caracas or karachi and anywhere. that is the problem. >> the issue is that election officials are look at online voting and we're looking to try to do it in a responsible fashion and an open source area and we want to get the community involved to help us make it a better system. >> the university of michigan team was able to reprogram the site to play the michigan fight
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song and they said they could change ballads at will. "the new york times" said that nearly $3 million voters in 33 states could cast ballots over the internet. health officials spoke out against too many southary drinks like soda and should you be denied the option to buy them if you use food stamps? where this might happen next. and continue to talk about the mortgage mess. the current process s it set up to help those in need of assistance of a broken system? we're talking with a mortgage expert next. fox 5 morning news is back after the break. 11 minutes after 9 now.  ring ring. progresso.
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>> in new york city, people getting food stamps may not be able to use them to buy sugary drinks if the mayor has his way. mayor bloomberg is pushing the proposal he said will be a way to cut down on obesity. bloomberg needs approval from the usda. it rejected a similar ban on in
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minnesota on sodaca&candy. new york officials think their ban will be improved because it's only on sugary drinks. and now a look at a case of government waste. the tax dollars being paid out to people no longer living or are in prison and no one knows why. more than queen thousand payments of $250 were sent out. of those, about 18 million went to nearly 72 thopeople who were dead. an additional 17.3 million went to prison inmates. the payments were part of last year's $13 billion economic recovery package. an audit is underway to fix the problem. tony. allison, the nation's foreclosure crisis is back in the news. -- pardon me, for all the wrong reasons. among them that bank executives signed off on thousands of foreclosures without reading the paperwork and coupled with the president's bill that it
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would be handled electronically instead of having documents notarized. urn iting -- talking to us is the mortgage expert, pardon me, i had a coughing fit before we start today this. let's start with what happened yesterday. the president said i'm not signing this legislation. the legislation would have allowed people to do these doubts electronically online and across multiple states at the same time and is this a good think this or bad thing that the consumer is not going to sign the legislation? >> overall, the bill go ahead have -- would have little effect on the process and issuing the industry is facing in terms of foreclosure now. there are bigger issues we're trying to work through and that is the robo signing and that is where that issue needs to be fixed going forward. >> and let's talk about that this robo signing that they didn't themselves read and how big a problem is that and how significant is it for
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consumers? i want to take this from the point of view from the consumers, what effects us. sure, first of all, walk through a normal transaction. a owner loses the job, works with a lender to get a loan mod and the industry's done 4 million of them. if it works, wonderful, it has for many. if it doesn't work and the borrower is delinquent on payments upa toa year, the loan has to go to foreclosure and the foil's introduced by the delinquency department, could checks department, the loan modification department and legal department and gets to the executive desk to be sent to the courthouse. the affidavit said i have read this file before he sends it over. what has not happened is the reading of the file. the file is still correct. from is no question about the underlying facts but the fact of not reading the file before signing the affidavit is a technical problem. it shouldn't have happened. the industry needs to correct that. the purpose for keep working with the lender. if you think you're going to get into trouble or if you're
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in trouble and behind on your payments, work with the lender to get a loan mosque. that is the key. this will slow the process which is unfortunate for many abandoned, vacant homes. clearing out the foreclosed properties will help the real estate market. slowing it down does not help the community. >> and the consumer needs to continue to dod work with the lender? >> absolutely. >> eleanor holmes norton was talking with one bank, bank of america. one bank was saying you have to be behind in your payments three months before we start to talk about this. at what point does a consumer start to act? the sooner the better, do you have to wait? >> no, absolutely the sooner the better. if you're starting to get into trouble or think you are, and the boss said we're going to have to let you go, call the lender that day and all you have to do is demonstrate the hardship. you show them a pink slip or my boss told me i'm going to be fired in a week, that is enough
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to trigger the process for discussion and you do not have to wait. doing nothing is the worse thing you can do. >> foreclosures happened and they happening in greater numbers. it's a process that occurs for's variety of reasons and is necessary. some are talking about we need a moratorium on the foe closures. is that a good idea? or if they need to happen, should they? >> a foreclosure will clear out the abandoned properties and make them eligible for other home owners who want to come in and purchase the home to restore the values. the foreclosures need to go forward and we're worried the robo signing issue will delay that process. if the foreclosure is going to happen, that is what is happening in this case, and that is going to happen, the delay will help the community and market and economy. >> there are a lot of resources out there for consumers to take advantage of? >> absolutely. talk to your lenor, call 1-888-
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95-hope and talk to a counselor who will help walk you through the process. lenders are bending over backwards to help home owners avoid foreclosure and you can talk to your lender. we have done over four million loan mosques to help lenders avoid foreclosure. >> that is a lot. >> it is. >> and that will continue. >> we want to keep nut house and keep you making a payment. >> nobody benefits from a foreclosure. everyone wins if you can work out a deal with your lander. >> and i love when you come in. it's very practical and good information so we can understand. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> and back to you. the victim of a shooting, his life saved because of a common everyday item that we all use. coming up, what that item was that managed to save one man's life. and holly is getting crafty this morning. good morning. >> reporter: and i'm getting crafty, allison. the finest stuff around and
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remember our pottery? let's see what it looks like. we're live in morning in gaithersburg and they're set and ready for the sugar loaf arts and crafts festival. that is one of many wonderful one-of-a-kind things to see here and we'll tell you about it live later in the show. >> i love the colors, that is cool. >> you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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is lucky to be alive thanks to
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his cell phone and he was shot. this happened at a building where he's the new superintendent. the police believe the previous superintendent shot him but the motive is not clear. he's the new superintendent. the old one shot him, we don't know why and the spa 60 is on the run. >> this is new york. there is a new noble peace prizewinner this morning and the chinese government is not happy about it. the noble committee announceed a chinese dissident won the prize. 54-year-old liu xiaobo. the announcement went black in hotels popular with foreigners. the redskins hit the field again this weekend and we'll
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have that for you when we come back. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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>> could things be turning around for the washington redskins? there was a win last week. will there be another this week against the mighty green bay packers? dave ross joins us with a little preview and this is going to be a tough game. >> it will be. i like the optimism. you have a big win last week on the road and i think, i think the packers are the class of the nfc and one of the main reasons, the quarterback play. and you have them -- and -- >> i think they were fans of michael jackson and germaine jackson. [ laughter ] >> absolutely putting two and two together. i don't know how you stop them and what you try to do, your offense is a great defense and we'll get to that in a moment and it's hard to stop this
9:30 am
offense and not many people have done it. the bears beat them because the packers were self-destructive. i think the redskins have to try to force the turnovers today and i have a quick trivia question for you. how many quarterbacks have the parks had the last 18 years? >> i'm going to say four. >> two? >> bret farve and aaron rogers. >> that is amazing. >> wow. >> 92 in 1992, mark ripken was the quarterback here. think about how many the redskins have gone through. >> 14. >> unbelievable, a remarkable run and that is why there is stability. the quarterback position is stable. >> right. >> here, the running back situation, and before, that the linebacker situation is -- a guy we're envious of because of his hair. yeah. >> and high can run like a guy. runs and knocks him out of the game with a concussion and right now, this guy's playing
9:31 am
maybe the defensive player university year. >> wow. >> and with michael vick there and have weapons on both sides of the ball. they have holes on the defensive side and he might be the best linebacker in football. and on to that running game here. we talked last week and monday on about the clinton portis situation and that is on with the -- out with the old and in with the new. he's the new, and he will be out four to six weeks. big physical back, we like his legs and he runs downhill when he gets here in the game, he hits that hole quickly. >> yeah. >> and lowers that shoulder. >> i like him. >> i do, too. >> and my one concern, what if he goes down? >> don't say it. >> we have chad simpson backing up ryan terrain and let's hope, knock on wood. >> i will be at the stadium if they need me there.
9:32 am
>> and will you play? >> i'll try. >> and -- how much? >> and get him up there and put me in, folks. the old john fogerty question. >> can be explosive, though and -- i feel bad for clinton portis and hope he gets better but knowing in -- going in knowing this is the guy is helpful. >> i think it is, too and on the packers? >> uh-huh. >> and tucker barnes? >> they're available. >> and they're a phone call away. >> bring them back. >> keep working on it, guys. you never know. thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> sure. and going to be beautiful for the game. can i tell you that. i can't tell white house is going to win but the conditions
9:33 am
are better into sunday. >> tony's on record and picked the redskins to win this. >> and you? >> i can't say. last hour -- . >> and -- >> that is right there. 58, fredericksburg; 59 at dulles; 57, frederick; 61, patuxent and this is going to be beautiful today, tomorrow, sunday and into the end of the weekend here and temperatures in the mid-70s and near 80 the next few days and with the temperature trend. again, the average daytime high in the low 70s and in the mid- 70s, near 80 tomorrow and bouncing into the low 80s and a nice trend here and lots of sunshine, too and winds yesterday and with sunshine yesterday afternoon. the winds are out to north and east and looking to the big blue area of high pressure to the west and that is here the next few days and if you travel, chicago to atlanta, right up to new york and boston, should be a great
9:34 am
looking weekend and with that area of high pressure keeping everyone dry with the mild temperature. 76 and mostly sunny skies, beautiful afternoon for you and winds lighter than yesterday out of the west at 5 to 10 miles an hour and tonight, clear and cool. outdoor plans, we'll cool off tonight, upper 40s and this is a great looking forecast and nice early into next week and no rain in the five-day forecast. and that is a look at the weather forecast. let's go to allison. >> reporter: we're talking about what to look for at your farmer's market and sea goodbye. hello? >> and this is -- and hello. this is our friend tanya who ask a holistic health counselor and a cooking instructor and friend on the morning show. >> hi. >> and you tell us what to eat and looking fabulous like you always do.
9:35 am
>> happy fall to you. >> happy fall. >> what do we look for now? what is out of season and great? >> what is out of season is the corn, strawberries, of course. the summer fruits and berries are out of season. what is in season now and transitional right now is if we talk about this weekend. >> okay. >> you can find good tomatos and bell peppers and that'll be moving out. you will have sweet potatoes, beats. >> uh-huh. -- beets, pears, carrots and broccoli. >> that is year round? one of the veggies and not necessarily. >> and they get chips. right? >> uh-huh. >> and now is when they're in season. the pumpkin. a beautiful thing and radish. this is called the watermelon radish and you don't see it in the grocery store and this is why i tell my friends and clients, go to the farmer's market and get things. isn't that gorgeous? >> very pretty. watermelon radish. that is beautiful.
9:36 am
>> yes. >> and these are zucchini blossom flowers and in early summer and late summer, early fall. >> and they go out of the zucchini. you can stuff them and i like to toss them in my salad raw. >> yeah. >> and they're gorgeous. >> you were saying, talk about this. >> yeah. >> you prepare this? >> yeah. >> and when it's out and produce is out of season, processes in our bodies differently. and for example the corp. >> right. >> and when corn is out of season, it's starchy and not sweet and more work for your body to get it processed and it sits around longer than you want it to. >> sure. >> and that is hard on your digestion. >> yeah. >> and who knew? >> yeah. >> and this is a -- [ indiscernible ] dressing and what i added here. >> okay. >> and gorgeous for us. >> right. >> and here i made a pumpkin cheesecake. i know it sounds deck dent.
9:37 am
>> yes, it did. >> and one slice is 7 grams of fat and 200 calories. >> this pumpkin cheesecake? come on. >> what i do, you cut it by adding hard skin ricotta cheese and -- >> okay. >> and pumpkin. >> yes. >> are full of beta carotene and you add sugar. not too much and i add a tummy. not so much sugar. >> wow. >> and it's more than natural sweetener. >> right. >> and the pumpkin, of course, has more nutrition and cuts it in half. >> the best part, it's still yummy. >> support it? >> there you go. >> and you can have it for breakfast and not feel the guilty about it. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> and sorry. >> thank you. >> we'll have a piece for you. >> and i'm serious, i love pumpkin cheesecake, please. >> and i am breaking up. okay. >> and one of you can hear it. and a big honor for one local elementary teacher. the big honor she earned and
9:38 am
what comes with it. also, later, movie and tv star josh timeel -- josh duhamel talk about his new movie "life as we know it" and transformers three shooting here in d.c. next week. we're back in a moment. 
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>> this year's susan g. komen three-day for the cure kicked off this morning in southeast with an opening ceremony. all weekend long, thousands will be making their way from the stadium to the washington monument, criss-crossing their way in and around the district. the three-day, 60-mile journey raises funds and awareness for breast cancer and. a huge surprise on the job for a elementary school everyone to. take a look. [ indiscernible ] [ applause ]
9:42 am
>> he's a fifth grade social study -- studies teacher, won the national milken educator award, coming with a $25,000 check and all are awayed with the -- and exceptional work and turned out to watch the big moment. >> good for him, congratulations. this is the breakdown and work is taking place on the blue and orange lines this weekend. and through columbus day. the farragut west and mcclear stations will be closed and there will be no blue and orange services at metrocenter. redline service won't be effected. for more, we have a link at when to allow yourself to serve as an alibi for your friends who is having an affair. >> boy and this is a biggy. an area for this week's ask allison question. i will share my opinion next.
9:43 am
>> and that is -- . >> for advice. >> okay. and feel like getting crafty? this is not related to the last story. >> it could be. >> and -- . >> holly's up next with more on how you can do that this weekend. don't go away. it's 9:42. cegoni3q
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health matters to all of us. that's why lysol has started a mission for health. with new mom programs, lysol healthy habits initiatives in schools
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and disaster relief efforts. when you use lysol at home, you'll know you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit this week's ask allison question, comes from an anonymous viewer. you will know why. she said help, i have recently discovered one of my best friends has been using me as an alibi to cover her affair and now she wants me to go with her to new york city to cover their trip together and her friend would cover my ticket and hotel for the time, flying first class. i haven't been to new york in a long time and file too much
9:47 am
could go wrong. my friend is in a terrible marriage and needs to get away. what should i do? >> okay, friend, thank you for asking for my humble opinion on this serious dilemma. i made a sign for it. i want you to remember my answer. in a nutshell, here it s. don't do it, girl. >> i know you're involved and many marriages go south and many unhappy spouses cheat, i get it. i don't live in a bubble here. the e-mail said that your friend is in a terrible marriage and needa to get away. this is not the way to do it. no doubt, you have been a good friend, listened to how miserable she is and i am sure she has a good story and is miserable. be a friend, not an enabler, okay and i'm not being judgemental. i'm aware you're in a supertough is to the spot and getting a lot of pressure. the consequences can be really, really serious and do you want to be associated with this? no, this is not a movie. this is real life.
9:48 am
this isa hot mess. you don't need to be in it to complicate it. too much can go yong, you're right and your give needs to face the reality of what she's doing. it's girls get away weekend and not what it is, your girlfriend using you to cheat. >> don't do it, girl. >> the only thing i would add, this is -- and this woman, it's her girlfriend. >> sure. >> it's one thing to listen to your girlfriend and to be supportive. going on the trip -- . >> right. >> and you're in it? >> and when that husband finds out. >> and -- i am talking about losses and knocking on the door. the hotel come. on now. >> it's crazy. >> and good advice. >> you can borrow my phone. >> yeah, we will. and if you have a question you
9:49 am
would like me to answer or you would like to hear my opinion on, try not to be too outspoken, okay and go to, click on the morning link to ask allison. >> wait, wait, you it was anonymous. it says her name. >> oh, i'm sorry. the sugar loaf prep festival kicks off today. >> and holly morris is there. >> reporter: good morning. the theme this year is slains of creativity and somehow some way something really hot is involved and creating all of the arts that is here and that means you have new school ways and old school ways and we're going to look at both this morning and starting new school with the coach who is a kinetic sculptor. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> and explain to me, kinetic cutting -- sculpting. >> it's basically sculpture
9:50 am
that moves. >> uh. >> in this case, a variety of mathematical components based on can't believer -- can'ty levers and in this case here, you have stainless steel on the end and basically constructed by hand and cut by light. cut by light. >> yes. >> and lazer is your heat source. >> you got it and it's hot. >> yeah. >> and that is what cuts the metals here and this is heavyweight and made of a carbon-based steel and together they're nice and contemporary. >> thank you very much for sharing your talent with us. >> and would you knock it off here? i'm kidding. we're going old school and big ben said he was a blacksmith and working away. good morning to you, sir. >> how are you, holly? >> i'm doing well. >> that is true. the king of all craftsmen.
9:51 am
>> and tell me about your art what, you do. >> i heat things. >> uh-huh. >> and hammer them on the apville. >> how long do you work on any given project? >> could be a few minutes or hours. >> and really? pretty quick. >> and i don't have much time to work. >> you have to be efficient. >> and it cools off quickly. >> okay. >> i have been working on hooks to hang on the wall. >> very cool. >> and this is one that i started a few minutes ago. >> i have done the top part of it. >> yeah. >> and we hope to do on this. >> and you said i was going to get to try to? >> you can. >> and to hammer out frustration on a friday? >> okay. this is a hammer. >> okay. >> and -- >> this is -- . >> uh-huh. >> you good with this? >> i'm good with it.
9:52 am
are you? >> yeah. >> i'll hold it, you hit it. >> and look at that. >> all right. >> very good. >> and this is good. >> someone can tell you what i'm thinking now. for you to be a part of the festival like this, look -- what is it for and you your work? >> this is how i sell my items. i don't have a store and everything i make is part of the show. >> you must be good to be a part of this show? >> 28 years? >> you hold your own. all right and this is what you need to know to come out and see them at work. we have a link to theirs, the best way to get the tickets, $7 if you get them on line and costs you $9 and in gagers bug. 9-6 on side and friday and -- on friday and saturday. come on out and enjoy the people and atmosphere and back to you. >> therapy. >> and thank you very much. >> and that is like in bugs bunny. >> it is.
9:53 am
you may know him from daytime tv or broomtime on las vegas. >> but josh duhamel is taking the big screen by storm and joins us live next to talk about his new movie called life as we know it. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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>> oh, god, what did you do? [ indiscernible ] >> that is hilarious and that is josh due hamel and catherine heigle and after a disastrous first date, they try to avoid making contact. a twist of fate forces them together and the movie opens today and the star joins us now from orlando, florida and to talk about his latest role. good morning, nice to see you? >> how are you doing? i'm sorry, i'm underdressed back here. i checked that out intensively and think you have done a fabulous job. >> and that is making me so proud. >> no doubt. and that trailer had me laughing and show starts to walk and the role that
9:57 am
catherine heigle plays she misses it. >> yeah. >> and that is hilarious, tell bus it. >> reporter: i went up to atlanta to get close to the kids and be familiar with them and we got close. that scene, i remember, there were three of them, she was standing there little brynn you stay right there, okay? and we would be like action and she would literally start crying. >> right. >> and i am sorry and once i get her calm down, i set her back down and ready? >> her mother comes in and said that is enough. >> okay. >> and those are the triplets from frederick, maryland and having a big watch party and
9:58 am
that is nice of you to visit. >> that is something. i miss them. >> that will be a happy reunion and in our industry, you play a sports guy and get thrown into this relationship and what can you tell us about the movie without giving us too much? >> what i loved about the movie when i first read it, i have been trying to get something like this for a long time. to me, it was not a romantic comedy. i think of those as being silly and fluffy. >> right. >> and not believable, they're not for me. i'm more of a guy movie. >> more of a transformers guy. >> yeah. >> and this one, there was something about what they were going through and when two people living happy lives are faced with a child. >> right. >> and the responsibility of raising the child, what do you
9:59 am
do? how do you -- how do you provide? do you take it on? that was the journey for my character and about him realizing they chose him for a reason. >> catherine heigle plays holly and you can't play a leading lady what was that like working together? >> i think catherine is on katherine is one of the best out there and is talented and i have to be on my a game every day and she is a great girl. one of the most honest compassionate people i know. >> and when you come to up to, they starting to block off the roads to transformers 3 and can't wait for the production to get here. >> let mia, pol guys in advance for the noise we make. >> yes. when the movie opens next summer. >> yes. >> the movie is life as we know it and that is playing now. >> thank


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